3 nonsense tips about productivity

There are countless books on how to do more things in less time, but some of the tips don’t always make sense. Those are three nonsense tips we found out there:

1) Start the day early. In fact, each person has a unique personal cycle and its best performance schedule varies. You can get to work by 7 or 10 or just after lunch. Only you know what works best for you.

2) Deal with large projects before opening your email. It can work when you’re the type who got bogged down in the mud of emails. But other people gets more relaxed after briefly checking their emails, just to get an idea of what is happening before addressing the more important things.

3) A system will solve all your problems. We are Team Management Software Providers, and we know systems will not do it all by itself. If you do not set the work priorities for yourself and your team members, any gain will be minimal.

So if you already tired of all the advice and now wants to get into the practice and change things, try http://runrun.it

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