3 Time Management Tips for Managers

The greatest efficiency in the workplace can be achieved by effective time management among your employees. Putting these practices into place and ensuring that they are followed begins with management. Teach your managers about managing their time well and you may find that your employees are happier as well as more efficient.

Good time management begins with proper scheduling

Put your best people in the best shifts! Employees that are still learning the ropes will do better learning while things are slow. While it is tempting to throw them into the chaos so that they learn by doing, it can ultimately hurt your productivity levels. It may be difficult to accommodate everyone’s scheduling conflicts, but making a real attempt to do so can reduce the risk of employees not showing up and leaving you shorthanded.  

Give time limits and enforce them as firmly as possible

Daily assignments should have time limits. If you want a report or a certain task done for the morning, make the deadline for a certain time before lunch. Your employees can more easily get into a good routine this way that will help them build more effective time management skills. Some software uses functions like alarms and notifications that assist in ensuring that such deadlines are met. 

Provide worksheets for managers to use each shift

Your managers should be able to plan their shifts in a uniform way. Providing a worksheet that gives them an outline for planning each shift is a good way to encourage effective time management skills. Some things that can be included on this worksheet are: goals for the shift, employee recognition, goals from the previous shift that were or were not met, notices of friendly competition that will occur during the shift, and other compulsory notices for the day. The worksheets can be logged for communication about time management techniques and information given to employees between managers.

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