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Management and Leadership: The 5 best LinkedIn groups

There is nothing better yet to teach someone about management and leadership than being in direct contact with the managers and leaders themselves. Aware of this, we have searched and chosen the discussions on the best LinkedIn groups you really should follow. Read, comment and share new ways to drive your innovative or traditional business, to make the complex project management more transparent, to rethink what “being a leader” means and to also increase both your own productivity and your whole team’s. Check out some of the more significant recent discussions on management and leadership we have found:


Harvard Business Review

Transformational Leadership: Front Runners in Organizations

Leadership Think Tank


Leadership & Organizational Psychology


Management and leadership are extremely interesting abilities that we all should master ever more. However, the style of work that many professionals assume jeopardizes their attempts to innovate and grow. Experience a new way of working with the, the software to manage teams, projects and time. Just try it for free:


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