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5 Employee Recognition Ideas You Can Use for a Better Organizational Structure

In order to operate most efficiently, you need your best employees in the right places. Recognizing your stars and placing them correctly will help you maintain the management plan that you create for your business as well as grow with the right tools. Encourage leadership so that every employee will strive for greatness. Follow these employee recognition ideas to motivate your team:

1. Make the rules clear.

Evaluating employees is a good way to recognize the best but if they are unclear about the rules then they won’t know what you want. Have employees sign a job description or post your expectations in a break room or other common area that is easily accessible.

2. Encourage greatness.

Positive reinforcement will encourage your employees to seek your favor. It increases morale and that, in turn, increases productivity. Positive reinforcement is also a good team builder. This employee recognition idea will positively recognize employees for teamwork and they will be encouraged to continue.

3. Start a friendly competition.

Competition is a good way to see how well your expectations are being met. See who can bring in the most new clients or sell the most products in a certain period of time. This can encourage team management among potential leaders. Post employees’ progress in plain sight so that they can see who’s in the lead. This can also help you to increase productivity at work.

4. Discipline when necessary.

Although positive reinforcement can be very effective, the same goes for disciplinary action when the situation calls for it. It sounds like a nice idea to be loved by all, but if the rules are broken or your expectations are not met, an example must be set for everyone.

5. Stick to your plan.

No matter your method for motivating your employees, be sure to stick to the plan you made for team management. These employee recognition ideas can help you notice your stars and fit them into the plan that you’ve made. Don’t change your plan to fit the little things. Fit the little things into your plan.

We hope these employee recognition ideas help you to motivate your team and improve the organizational structure. If you are looking for a tool to automate it, you can try Runrun.it for free: http://runrun.it

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