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Each of us has our own way of organizing thought. Some organize by thinking, others by talking, and others by writing. However, when you rely on a team to run a company, so many methods gathered tend to complicate the workflow. At this time, we need to facilitate the work and use management software, i.e., a system that unifies data and automates the process, making them safer and faster. Besides avoiding the mess of information saved everywhere (notebooks, spreadsheets, e-mails and even notepad), you can check the results through several reports. No stress. Here are five software for you to improve performances with new technologies:

1. Financial Management: Workday

With this management software, you can get immediate visibility into financial performance with real-time, comprehensive financial and operational reports. In addition, process transactions become quicker and more accurate without compromising control. With the software, you manage your asset roster, depreciation, and lifecycle accounting. Furthermore, you will be able to use a single settlement engine to manage all payments generated across your entire business, including payroll, supplier payments, employee expense reimbursements, and customer refunds.


2. Content Marketing Management: HubSpot

You can create content (e.g., blog posts, eBooks, videos and other content that answers questions your prospects are asking), optimize it for search engines and share it on social media. With the software, you can use landing pages to promote valuable material and engage serious prospects with clear calls to action. Then, you collect the information they share with you to help them on the issues that matter most to them.


3. Research Management: Survey Monkey

With 15 types of questions, including rating scales and multiple choice, it’s easy to create online quizzes from scratch. You can also get the questions from the tool’s library. If you pay a plan, you can customize the look and ambiance of your questionnaires, by adding your logo, your company’s name, colors and images. You can create your own URL questionnaire and direct your respondents into a promotional page destination when they complete the questionnaire. Besides this, you can also track responses and send free reminders.


4. Mailing management: Mail Chimp

Good to send emails to your customers and potential customers base, according to their behaviors and your settings. You can also add notes and conversations to customer profiles, to remember who they are. Everything can be accessed from desktop or mobile. The software has a number of formats to create communications, offers and invitations, many of them with good viewing on smartphones.


5. Tasks and time management:, is the management software with which your team works on a tasks list, with well-defined priorities. The system automatically calculates when a task or a set of them will be delivered. That way, you can track the progress of your projects step by step. Furthermore, a system of permissions to delegate and receive tasks makes the workflow much more organized. The tool also provides productivity reports for you to reward your employees.


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