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5 Tips for employee performance evaluation

Companies which retain great talent are always upgrading and evolving their performance evaluation system. These companies do not consider it as simple evaluation, whose results are forgotten and asleep. Unlike, they respect their employees’ development, personal and professional. If the employee knows will he/she will be listened and answered, she/she will trust in the company – and trust his/her effort are a good investment. Here are five tips for you to improve the quality of your performance evaluation – and don’t let your best professionals run away from you.

1. Transparency

Write or formalize the functions of all job roles. In addition, describe in detail the tasks they should do, the more general to the more specific. When everything is clear, it is harder to appears conflicts. You can use tasks management softwares to help you with it.

2. Do not trust in your memory

Register the main events that happen with your daily or weekly staff. If someone has done well or poorly, if an employee needs to evolve or to be recognized… Problems and recognition should be described and remembered at the time of evaluation.

3. Use tools to help you

Badges are good way to know your employees’s performance on the tool they work with. Obviously, not all offer this kind of gamification. But some tools can help you.

4. Learn how to criticize

Few people know criticize respectfully. And fewer likes to hear criticism. If your employee don’t see where can improve, and to avoid problems, point the weak points firmly but constructive. Use productivity reports and even badges to indicate that, yes!, he/she can get better.

5. Use the evaluation

Nothing is worst than be evaluated with no feedback. It looks like the company is only interested in judging the employees rather than encourage them. They need to know how they were. Set goals and objectives based on the ideal evolution of each one. It can transforms in prizes for the best performances.

Check out, a task management software that organizes the workflow of your team, clears the priorities, and helps you to make fair performance evaluations. It uses productivity and frequency of user activities to release medals. Moreover, produces management reports and allows you to make a detailed description of tasks. Test it for free:

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