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5 Ways to Improve Task Management for Efficiency

Throughout every shift, there are many different task lists that must be performed by each different position. Effective task management improves efficiency as well as employee morale. When your managers and employees are efficient, everything runs a lot smoother. There are fewer arguments and fewer errors in communication. Follow these tips to get the way to task management efficiency. 

1. Make a list

Effective task management begins with effective communication. Provide task lists at the beginning of each shift for each different position. Post them in easily visible places so that everyone can see them and reference them throughout the shift. Encourage employees to make their own copy of the task list that they are responsible for so that they can keep it close and refer to it throughout the shift.

2. Utilize software tools

The software that you issue to your employees for daily tasks may have a “to do list” function or a calendar function. Utilize this by creating tasks and lists within the software so that each employee has personalized direction for each day. You can use Runrun.it as task management software.

3. Provide clear due dates

When it comes to calendar functions, use reminders and alarms to ensure that due dates are accomplished. Even if the tasks are due at the end of the shift, provide specific times if possible. Be as close as you can so that there are fewer errors in communication.

4. Use positive reinforcement

Effective and efficient task management improves morale by giving employees more control over their shifts. When task lists are completed on time, respond positively so that employees are likely to continue completing task lists on time as well as encourage their fellow employees to do the same. You can reward your best employees, and make them a good example in your company.

5. Discipline for failed deadlines

As much as effective task management improves efficiency, ineffective task management will slow things down and likely create moments of chaos. In order to prevent this, discipline employees that don’t complete their tasks on time. Provide clear instructions about meeting deadlines and the consequences of not doing so.

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