54% of people do not feel valued at work, and that is worse for women

The number is impressive and scary. But was computed on a very serious study conducted by American Psychological Association, who also pointed out that 61% of people feel they do not have opportunities to grow in their current jobs.

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day, but for them the situation seems even worse. The fact that, on average, women still receive lower wages than men for the same job is worsened by their increasing responsibility in helping to pay the home bills.

The study also shows that one third of people are living in conditions of chronic stress, aggravated by excessive working hours and an imbalance between personal life and professional life. And that chronic stress causes an immediate loss in key areas linked to productivity, such as: mental clarity, short-term memory and decision-making ability.

The situation is critical and we are concerned. Runrun.it, our main product, touches three areas for reversing this situation: (1) Task Management, where there is a precise definition of what needs to be actually done, reducing uncertainty and insecurity (2) Time Management, where the expected date of delivery of the tasks is given as a function of the time people actually have available and how much effort each task demands, eliminating unrealistic expectations, and (3) Feedback Management, where the work is recorded quantitatively, giving objectivity to the process of performance evaluation, which enables people to be recognized for their work and have more chances to enjoy the growth opportunities that may arise within the company.

We are seriously committed to being agents of the change that needs to occur in the workplace. Get to know http://runrun.it and help us spread this idea.


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