6 evidence that technology is changing the management

Management processes increasingly moving towards a collaborative management, and with it, new trends emerge, reconfiguring the corporate environment and raising the next level of the team management models and leadership.

While companies have focused on using new technologies to improve their business customer facing, only the managers of the future can understand that the application of digital tools to promote and accelerate the internal change can provide a much more meaningful and lasting change. After all, organizations must deliver fast results in an increasingly competitive environment. So master the art of digital culture in your company can become the trump card of its management.

Check out five tests that technology is really reinventing the way we used to work and dialogue with transparency and security, and how it can become the best solution for your staff:

1. Boosts change

To encourage all members of his team to experience a form of digital management, you will see its employees from different departments, speaking the same language and bringing better results.

Depending on the online management tool you use, it can view still real terms of delivery and also the team’s performance. All this transparency allows the manager to make smarter decisions, whether to identify and remedy the productivity below average or reward the most productive professionals. And the greater the perceived benefits, greater adherence.

2. Provides a just-in-time feedback

Creativity flourishes in an atmosphere where open communication is clear and present. Do not let the fear of its employees to express themselves – even to disagree – leading to a culture of mediocrity. With digital habits associated with the dialogue, information sharing is much faster and dynamic, giving space and freedom to constructive feedback.

3. Filters the information

The filtering information can improve productivity of the entire company! This is because the e-mail turns out to be a nightmare when you need to recover the latest version of a file. Instead of rummaging through your inbox, trash and, hopefully, half the folders on your computer, you and your entire team can quickly find what they need in a collaborative tool. And the advantage is not only this. Instead of being hidden in an e-mail account, the data and files are visible to anyone who has permission to view them and can be shared with partners, suppliers and customers. Thus not in danger there are unmet and outdated information.

4. Extinguish the traditional models of hierarchy 

The creation of direct links between people across the organization allows circumvent the complicated hierarchical protocols and shorten the time it takes for a decision to be taken. In addition, it allows employees to share important information, find answers quickly and get help and advice from the best people. This ability to overcome organizational divisions is an advantage for companies that establish a digital culture.


5. Develops the idea of ​​community and shared purpose

In the increasingly global organizations, teams are often physically distant. Through the aid of digital tools, enforce organizational culture, even though their customers are on the other side of the world, it is much easier. This increases the empathy between the teams and their sense of community.

6. Demonstrates Progress

The organizational change creates time, patience and above all dedication. However, it demonstrates to your team that you are making investing in them and expected return on overall well-being. It also indicates that you study and research the most modern solutions in the market, that you look forward and wants everyone moving in the same direction.

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