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8 leadership qualities you should have

Memorable leaders inspire by courage and resiliency, and strive to be significant seek to create the greatest impact and influence. What are the most important leadership qualities? Leaders that are self-aware, are clear about their identity and can be trusted. They are rare to find and will not be forgotten by their colleagues. How they do that? According to Glenn Llopes, Forbes contributor, there are 8 qualities that make leaders memorable.

Do you want to become unforgettable? Learn how here – and start to act – and be recognized – as a leader.

1. Authenticity

A memorable leader doesn’t play games nor exercise power plays. Authentic leaders are consistent, embrace diversity and encourage their people to share their ideas and ideals – and allow their employees to discover their own identity.

2. Shares Their Wisdom

Share their wisdom and secrets of success is one of leaders qualities. They are great teachers and are the best mentors. They never advise people about something that they’ve never experienced (firsthand) theirselves. Leaders doesn’t act as if they know the answers when they don’t.

3. Does What Others Don’t

Weak leaders become predictable. But the most memorable leaders are truly unique that helps them stand out from the crowd. They will support you in ways that others don’t. They self-aware and trust themselves enough to appreciate the differences in others. How many times have you felt that your talent was never appreciated or discovered?

4. Embraces the Lessons of Failure

Leaders allow you to learn from failure. They view risk as their best friend.

5. Gives You Their Valuable Time

Time is a leader’s most precious asset. The most memorable leaders give you the time that they don’t have to listen to your concerns and provide insights to the situation at hand.

6. Creates Special Moments

Memorable leaders create special moments. They are well tuned to their employee’s needs, and the culture of the organization. These types of leaders make you feel that you are never alone.

7. Makes You Feel Valued

The most memorable leaders are grateful for your hard work – here is when you feel that the 60+ hour work weeks are worth it. When leaders value and respect their employees, retention will remain strong and people will work harder. Leadership is about people and who forget this will be forgotten quickly.

8. Leads to Leave a Legacy

Leaders that lead to leave a legacy are leading for the right reasons. People enjoy teamwork in collaborative environments.

Leadership qualities: tools to reach

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