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8 very simple time management skills

We, from Runrun.it, come to you to tell some of the best time management skills we have experienced during the tool development. We’ve learned to manage time well and now we do love it! Runrun.it was created by managers who needed to manage many projects at the same time and no method available was efficient enough. Here are some advices to you to plan your time and enjoy it the most intelligent way. Support of Antonio Carlos Soares, Runrun.it co-founder.

1. Make a list

Writing down all on the paper decreases anxiety and helps at thinking critically and clearly. Make a list of all activities and projects you take part. Don’t worry about organizing. Just list and relax.

2. Classify

Group your tasks in big tasks (with many stages to be fulfilled) and small tasks (the ones you achieve easily).

Online tools, like Google Calendar, and APP’s, like Any.do, that groups tasks in “personal” and “work” ones, Evernote and Wunderlist are very intuitive and may always be with you.

3. Prioritize

After classifying and grouping your tasks, it’s time to prioritize. You shall know where to start, for each task has a different impact. Usually, a few actions are responsible for the most of the impact you want.

Set deadlines with a few days off before the job is definitely delivered. So you are prepared to change, if necessary, to re-evaluate your work, and even advance to another task.

4. Delegate

Being on absolute control of the tasks provokes an anxiety that is not necessary. Delegate is not a sign of weakness but a signal of intelligence. Choose competent people who respect the priorities and deadlines you recommended. You’ll calm down and may focus on what still is your special responsibility.

5. One by one

As we have seen, it’s healthy prioritize. By delivering one task at a time, they will be completed sooner than if you try to fulfill many simultaneously.

Unless you work with online social networks, better disable your notifications. What about schedule a couple of minutes to check everything? Do the same at answering emails and returning calls. You’ll feel your day nicer.

6. Useful time

Half an hour before you start your day, plan your activities. It’s a very important moment, and it’s not supposed to delay you at all.

Go further and use your free time at planning personal commitments. Optimize your time on the subway, or on the bus, to make plans for dinner. Waiting for your annual medical consultation? Write your shopping list. Use these tips in addition to your work routine.

7. Practice

Take five minutes before starting an activity to see what outcome you want to achieve. After the activity is done, more five minutes to analyze if you’ve hit your own goal. If not, what was missing? How will I set what was missing next time?

8. Reward

When you feel worthy after such a well-organized day, celebrate! How to celebrate is on you. Just be sure it’ll be something you really like, but don’t have often.

Imagine being able to organize the whole process of your company with the same practicality of this post. Try Runrun.it for free to see how you can do it: http://runrun.it


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