dicas para ter mais confiança em si mesmo

8 tips to increase your confidence

Confidence and conviction are important qualities to lead people. Theses abilities create a magnetic force between a leader and a group, whether at home, at work or among friends. That’s why these tips to increase your confidence are so important. Inconsistency does not match leadership!

There are eight traps to be overcome, according to Harvard Business Review’s blog. Rosabeth Moss Kanter, professor, writes “confidence is an expectation of a positive outcome. (…) It’s not confidence itself that produces success; it’s the investment and the effort.” This means everybody can reach confidence. Then face the obstacles below to have more success in your life.

1. Self-defeating assumptions
You think you can’t, so you don’t. It’s one thing to be realistic, it’s another to behave like a loser before entering the game.

2. Goals that are too big or too distant
Having only enormous goals can actually undermine confidence. Confidence comes from small wins that occur repeatedly.

3. Declaring victory too soon
Step-by-step discipline builds confidence.

4. Do-it-yourself-ing
It’s a trap to think you can go it alone, without a support system and without supporting others. To build your confidence, think about building the confidence of others and creating a culture in which everyone is more likely to succeed.

5. Blaming someone else
Confidence rests on taking responsibility for one’s own behavior. Confidence is the art of moving on.

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6. Defensiveness
Don’t defend yourself if you’re not being attacked.

7. Neglecting
Confidence stems from knowing that there will be mistakes, problems, and small losses en route to big wins. It grows when you look at what can go wrong, think through alternatives, and feel you are prepared.

8. Over-confidence
Don’t let confidence slip over into the arrogant end. Arrogance leads to neglect of the basics, deaf ears and blindness. A little humility goes a long way to moderate arrogance and keep just the right amount of confidence.

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