91% of the world executives ‘waste their time’, says McKinsey study

In a recent article on McKinsey Quarterly Review, the consultancy firm claims that Time Management is not to be left to individuals, but rather to be addressed as a key corporation issue, as its roots go deep into company culture and structures.

Actually, according to a pool conducted with 1,500 top executives, only 9% of them are ‘very satisfied’ with how they spend their time. It’s amazing, but consistent with the fact that most companies treat leadership time as an ‘infinite’ resource, asking management to go after every single interesting opportunity, instead of prioritizing projects and tasks.

In order to deal with this problem, McKinsey identified three remedies: (1) have a leadership time-budget and a proper process for allocating it, (2) think about time when you introduce organizational change, and (3) ensure that individuals routinely measure and manage their time.

For the full article, click here: leadership_time_management

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