Acting fast in problem solving: that might not be a good idea

Diagnostic thinking may be an important knowledge in the formation of a great leader. Harvard Business School Professor, Ranjay Gulati, says that this is one of the guidelines of teaching at the university. This approach makes it possible not to rush in attitudes. Since the real causes of a problem aren’t always clear, a closer examination of it makes the identification of the disorder more efficient.

Gulati also stands that, although this procedure seems obvious, this is not a natural behavior for many people. In times of crisis, some might lead by action. When the problem appears, they start trying to solve it right away, even before they know the best way to do it.

Take your time to investigate the causes of the problem and, when you find a solution, remember that can help you organize, prioritize and distribute tasks to your team.

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The full testimony of Ranjay Gulati is available at hbr_diagnostic_thinking


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