Be prepared to the constantly connected world

Through the use of smatphones and tablets, we are connected to the virtual world pretty much all day long. Nowadays it is common to see people using those devices from the moment they wake up, to the moment they go to bed. The evolution of mobile technology is responsible for a circumstantial change in the users behavior. Now, we just expect that all information is there, whenever we look for it. And the more information exists, the more it is shared. In cases of electronic business, the more it will be sold. Therefore, it is crucial to have control over the performance indicators, and keep your business connected.

An article published in Harvard Business Review brings the information from Google, that 88% of users research online before buying a product, and the average is 10.4 sources before the choice being made. Here are three ways to adapt to the consumers highly connected.

1) Practice holistic measurement

There are several ways for a user to get to your page. Understand how your clients connects with your brand, and you will have taken an important step to be more effective on the web.

2) Attribute the Right Value to your Marketing Channels

Understanding how different channels work together, allows your company to learn ways to promote new experiences for users. This will bring an extremely positive result.

3) Act, measure, repeat

Try to create different campaigns for different users. Find out what your clients are looking for, and try to do some different campaigns, measuring results carefully.

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