Best apps for small business

The 6 Best Apps for Small Business Solutions

When running a small business, it is vital to incorporate the most cost effective technologies and tools for improving efficiency and communication across your key departments. When you manage a startup, you might see your spending expand beyond your abilities if you don’t find solutions with simple, easy-to-manage tools or mobile applications. The best apps for small business solutions can go a long way toward easing your workload and simplifying key aspects of running a startup.

In fact, technology can take on the workload of an employee in some situations, which would greatly reduce your spending, according to an article written by co-founder Rahul Varshneya.

Google Play and Apple have a wide number of mobile apps including thousands of the best apps for small business capabilities. For example, there is a variety of cost management tools that would improve and streamline major aspects of running your business. Below, we outline a few of the best apps for small business solutions.

The Best Apps for Small Business Results

1. Sage Expenses & Invoices

It’s likely that you aren’t fond of the financial aspects of running your business and may even have had some trouble managing the incoming and outgoing funds at your startup. If so, the Sage Expenses & Invoices app would be a great solution for your challenges since it allows you to track your business costs and all transactions in real-time without needing to worry about the jargon or details of managing finances.

In addition, everything is paperless and stored on the cloud, which means you’ll never risk losing your financial data. You’ll be able to access all financial records and expense reports at any point and wherever you are located. Best of all, this mobile app is free for use.

When your business becomes bigger and more complex, there is also a mobile app called Sage One that manages invoices, cash flow, and general accounting needs. You can access the Sage Expenses & Invoices app on the iTunes Apple store by clicking here.

2. is a workflow project management solution that will help you better manage your time during the workday. Essentially, can help you with project time management, work tracking, and the costs associated with running a business.

This software program includes excellent time tracking solutions and a dashboard for viewing your tasks. Virtual teams of as many as five people can use this software solution. You will find that this project management solution will help your organization become more productive on day-to-day tasks.

When you first employ this software program, you will be able to add more users to specific teams and even be able to assign a leader for each team. Tasks can then be assigned and the team leader or manager can delegate every part of a project. Progress is then tracked and users receive notifications for every step forward.

You can use this solution on either a mobile device or a desktop computer. Every project has a timeline and deadlines in which collaborators can leave notes and messages to each other.

In addition, files can be attached and shared among team members. The time you spend working on a particular project will be automatically recorded once you press the “play” button. The application will record users’ working hours and provide a timesheet of hours spent on a particular project or task. Manual addition or deletion of hours spent is also included in the software program.

The program provides you with statistics on budgeted versus actual spending occuring at your company as well as data on project delivery. In addition, users will have access to a customizable dashboard in which they can track their metrics on meeting deadlines and the success of their initial submissions or drafts. Essentially, users will be able to see how much time is spent on revisions either on a company-wide scale or their own personal metrics.

There are various reports you can access through this software such as costs associated with each project and client, the hours spent working by each team or user, pie charts based on time and task type, and the hours spent working on a particular project or client.

Best of all, the software program has a free trial you can sign up for. If you want to check whether this work tracking tool is right for your business, click here.

3. Expensify

If you need a streamlined way to record and track business expenses, you can’t go wrong with one of the best apps for small business solutions known as Expensify. This mobile app ensures that tracking and calculating your tax business deductions is simple and straightforward, according to Fundera.

All you’ll need to do is take a photo of your receipt with your mobile device and the app will capture the photo and submit all of the financial data into a storage area. Once expenses are submitted, this app ensures next-day reimbursement capabilities and allows you to link your credit card to your expense report. This app can be integrated with accounting software while also separating your personal spending from your business costs.

The Expensify app is $5 per user per month for small businesses and $9 per month per user for larger companies. You can find out more about this impressive mobile application by clicking here.

4. Addappt

Another excellent system that improves the communication capabilities among your clients and employees is the Addappt mobile app, reports NerdWallet. This particular application makes it much easier for you to manage your contact list.

You may have networked with tons of new clients at a retreat or found yourself hiring more employees than you thought possible. In addition, you likely work with multiple partners and vendors to keep your business running smoothly. As such, your contact list is overflowing with names. Addappt makes it much easier to manage that contact list by giving all business associates the opportunity to update their contact information in real-time within your address book once they also download the Addappt mobile app.

You can communicate successfully through this app by putting your contacts into specific groups and sending messages to each group. You can check out and decide whether this mobile app is right for your business by clicking here.

5. Genius Scan

As a small business owner or manager, you’re likely inundated with tons of paperwork throughout the week. Some of the best apps for small business needs revolve around assisting the documentation parts of running a company. If you’re looking to keep a digital copy of any important document, the mobile app Genius Scan is a perfect fit since it greatly simplifies the process of scanning documents.

Using this free app, you will only need to take a picture of a document, such as a receipt, invoice, or possibly a contract with a freelancer, and your paperwork will be instantly converted into a PDF or JPEG digital copy.

You can then email the document using your mobile device or save it for future use. If you are looking to sign or write on a document, you can add the Genius Sign app for even more capabilities. To obtain the Genius Scan app, you can go to the iTunes Apple store by clicking here.

6. Dropbox Paper

Similar to Google Docs, you’ll find the Dropbox Paper app allows you to share documents across teams within a company. Essentially, you’ll be able to share any and all files among your employees to ensure a project moves through the required timeframe smoothly.

In addition, users have found that Dropbox Paper is a more instinctive and user-friendly application than Google Docs, according to a 2018 Fundera post. The platform is clean and simple while the sharing capabilities are rather straightforward. In addition, this app allows users to assign due dates and even embed Google Map directions or YouTube videos within documents.

A standard account on Dropbox Paper costs only $12.50 per user per month and you can even get a customized price point from the company depending on your business needs. You can access Dropbox Paper by clicking here.


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