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The best free management apps

You spend most of the day with your phone and when you need to write down or share an insight, a decision or an appointment, you probably use an app. But which one is the best for what you need? I listed here the 6 best management apps that, besides very helpful for you to work and to be productive even away from the office, they are free. Take a look:


1. Evernote

Here you can take notes or just write down your insights, using only text or attaching images, audio and even drawing. Then you can create notebooks to organize your notes as you like and still assign labels to filter results in the search bar. It’s also available to chat with other users. One of the nicest features is Context, suggesting notes, articles and people related to the note you are working on.
Download: iOSAndroid


2. Google Keep

Ideal for post-its and Google design fans, here the notes are pinned on a wall, or a list, with the color you assign to them, and can be quickly transformed into reminders. In addition to notes, it’s very simple to create and share lists with your contacts via email.
Download: Android


3. Slack

An advanced chat facilitates team communication and collaboration, where you can create Channels, for the team to share comments, documents, images and videos. Two of them are automatic: #general for notices to all members and #random for conversations not related to work. You can also send private messages, and if you want to retrieve or remember something, just search for the term and the system scans within the conversations.
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4. Refresh

Created to refresh your memory about important people you have met, the app finds common interests between you and them, searching the web and social networks. More than gathering all your upcoming appointments, you will know what to mention at the meetings, to break the ice or make yourself interested, from the latest posts and publications of the other people to passions you have in common.
Download: iOS


5. Dropbox

The most famous app for large file sharing also allows you to save documents, videos, photos and screen shots in the cloud and organize everything into folders. You can send links to access the files even for those who do not have a Dropbox account.
Download: iOS | Android


6. WorkFlowy

The most minimalist app here works by lists of hierarchy. You can start naming major subjects, like Objectives, Projects, Reminders, Thoughts and Links. Then, by clicking on the circle that spots each item, you zoom into a subject, where you will create your lists.
Download: iOS | Android

The task, time and performance management software has free trial. Among the benefits, the tool improves workflow, makes priorities clearer for professionals and facilitates data sharing, reducing the number of emails and follow-up meetings. Moreover, it gives automatic reports of costs and time and can increase team productivity about 25%. Try it free:


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