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Time management: The 5 best posts

In theory, it seems that we all know somehow how to improve our time management. However, to achieve it actually is one of our greatest struggles. For the day-to-day rush, we forget to practice the techniques we have learned – and so we ruin our planning. Enough of that, right? I gathered in this post for you all the best we have already written about organizing a working day to start being a professional more productive. We only like to do what we know how to do:


8 steps to create a perfect list of tasks

List, rate, set priority and deadline. These are the first 3 steps of an efficient time management that our CEO adopts. By the way, since he had never found a good enough tool to organize a workflow, with other managers, created what today is Runrun.it.


The Eisenhower Method + 7 essential Chrome extensions

Discover the method of the former US President D. Eisenhower to differ what is urgent from what is important. As a gift for you, seven Google Chrome extensions for you to listen to music, writing down ideas, taking notes, and saving interesting articles to read later without getting unfocused of work.


Teach your managers about managing their time well

The greatest efficiency in the workplace can be achieved by putting practices like scheduling and worksheets into place and ensuring that they are followed. Find out how to do it better with just 3 tips.


3 unfailing techniques for managing time

Did you notice that you can organize your whole day, professionally and personally, just with post-its? The rule is: if it does not fit on a post-it, it does not fit into your day. Then, divide your journey between work and rest, using the classic Pomodoro Technique. Check out step by step in this post inspired by the time management of my colleagues.


5 simple exercises to deal with your anxiety at work

If you have combined the best techniques to manage your time, but the problem still is your anxiety, keep calm and know that many people have been through this little problem, my friend, including me. So, I compiled in this post very clear tips that you can practice at any time to relax and let your work flow.


(EXTRA) 5 great apps for the business experts

I think you still deserve cool tips to better enjoy the part of your time you spend connected to your smartphone. It’s always good to check the status of your expenses, to make a reservation at the hotel or to send important but very big files. For all that, here are six great apps:

Allows entrepreneurs to control their expenses by iPhone. You can create categories and subcategories of expenses and build charts. You can also use the camera phone to scan receipts and export the data to an Excel spreadsheet. Available for iOS. For Android, use Expensify.

Already established in the corporate world, the app stores files in the cloud and allows you to share them. You can also sync it with other devices, such as your personal computer. Available for Android and iOS.

Use it to photograph the business card of a person or company. Then, the app automatically enters the information read to the list of contacts of your smartphone. Available for iOS. For Android, use CamCard

To follow the news and keep updated about the issues of your interest, such as your favorite team, fashion trends and technological innovations. You can view photos, videos and articles shared by your friends. Available for Android and iOS.

Organizer that centralizes all data from the flight, hotel, transportation and travel commitments, whether a personal or a business trip. Available for Android and iOS.


More than a method of managing time, Runrun.it is a method of managing talent. Automate the management of your company’s projects, organizing your list of tasks in order of priority, with automatic calculation delivery date. Furthermore, whenever the manager wishes, with few clicks you can generate your more complete reports. Try it for free: http://runrun.it


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