Charisma, you can learn it!

Everybody says that one of the main characteristics of great leaders is ‘having charisma’. But what if you were not born with this gift? The answer, according to the researcher Olivia Fox Cabane, who is a lecturer at Stanford, Harvard, Yale and other institutions, is simple: learn!

Watch the video or check the summary of the three components of charisma and tips on how to work them:

Presence: Bill Clinton and the Dalai Lama are described as having a huge ‘presence’. They convey authenticity and make you realize that they are fully devoted to you while talking to you. Her tip on how to keep your focus and not let your mind wander is strange, but works: just pay attention to the person’s eye color. This simple gesture conveys your presence and helps you to really be present.

Power: It is not to command an army, but the perception that people have about your ability to affect their surroundings. This can occur by physical strength, money, speech, intelligence, expertise, social status and many other factors. The clues to the presence of power are primitive and the most effective is simply its size. Sit on a chair taller, chest open, head up and the hormones released will reinforce the cycle of perception.

Warmth: Is the ability to make the person realize that you like and care about her. That you would use any means at your disposal to help her, if the need arise. This is perceived almost entirely by body language. And that you can not pretend. Even the best actors have realized this and now Hollywood relies on methods to make the actor ‘get into character’ and really feel what he is supposed to be acting, otherwise the public is not convinced. But there are areas for improvement, shown in the video.

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Check it out:

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