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Task organizer: How to choose the best for your company

Where do you note the things you (and your team) must do throughout the day, week and month? Part on the notebook, part on post-its, another on the smartphone or on papers around the table… If this guy is you, it’s prudent considering a professional organizer to save, prioritize and measure all the work that your team should perform. The truth is: a company works like a human, with tasks, deadlines and budgets. Let’s check out which are the essential features for you to choose the best task organizer:

1. Repository

Saved data can save a project. Whether when a new manager comes to the company and should be acquainted of the previous negotiations, or when you need to find a file and it’s not that good to waste time searching for it in a thousand folders. Therefore, a best task organizer will have an online repository of all comments and documents shared among employees. So, you can always make and cancel a commitment, but never claim that there wasn’t a deal. With a good task organizer, the data will be filed and the project will be safe.

2. Hierarchy

You can’t work in peace and focused if there are no criteria. Guessing priorities is the greatest enemy of productivity and it’s precisely what happens when tasks are delegated from everywhere, as if the company had several bosses. Choose a task organizer whereby the manager can create a hierarchy in the workflow, by empowering who can delegate tasks to whom.

3. Reports

This is the great deal of a task organizer for professionals, compared to a personal organizer you’ve probably used. Besides storing the information exchanged and guiding the priorities of your team, it’s possible to quickly get the detailed cost and time invested on reports. Because now it’s not only about your own productivity, but the whole team’s.

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