melhor desempenho oportunidades

Create your opportunities and get noticed

When a good job is available, it is unusual for it to be posted. The most exciting jobs usually have a huge number of applicants, so, unless you have been recommended by some influential person, it may be very hard to get noticed.

The strategy consultant and author of Reinventing You, Dorie Clark, wrote an article on Harvard Business Review, indicating how to overcome those barriers, and be noticed in the market. He points out that before anything else, it is important that you do not wait that opportunities arise. It should be you who create them, and by doing so, you will be highly rewarded.

Generally, people seek conventional paths to achieve success and be recognized. The most recurrent is that they look for a job in a large company, even if there is for a lower position, with a small salary, this is, usually, the beginning of the journey.

However, that can be really boring to many people. And it would make it much harder to have a good productivity and get promotions. And that is precisely why we need the ability to create our own opportunities.

According to Clark, a lot of people limit themselves, so there is often not a lot of competition for the top jobs. He also believes that we live in a era where the change is a constant, and because of that it is impossible to have a guide to the success. Thatt is why the only alternative is be clever to create your opportunities.

One example quoted in the article, is Joanne Chang. She graduated from Harvard, in the 90s, and began working in a prestigious management consulting firm. However, she hated it and loved to cook. So, she decided to started writing letters to some chefs with great reputation, saying that, despite having no experience working in the business, she really loved to cook, and would take any job in the restaurant world. Now she is one of Boston’s most celebrated restaurateurs.

Once you have chosen a path to follow, can help you to structure your activities. The system organizes and prioritizes tasks, making people work on what really matters, and reach their true potential.

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