’s Android App Has a New Dashboard’s Android app has just gotten a new input screen: the Dashboard. Through it, employees can easily access valuable information about their tasks, and the manager (managers, leaders, and admins) can quickly see the data that is essential to the projects in which their team(s) is involved.

* Important: The mobile app is a feature of’s Teams and Corporate plans, and can also be used during the 14-day trial period.


The Dashboard is divided into 10 cards, two of which are exclusively used by managers. The user decides how many cards to view, and in which order. In other words, the Dashboard is entirely customizable, according to the needs of each user. The new screen shows a summary of the user’s account, and they will no longer need to search the app to find the day-to-day information that matters most.

In addition to serving as an “overall summary” of what is happening inside, the Dashboard provides quick access to tasks and projects, which are highlighted on separate cards. It features the most important data, particularly for managers.

The information available on two of the cards is specific to the Android application (i.e., not available on the web version): 1. A list of tasks pending the user’s approval, and 2. A quick display of people who are available (i.e., who are not currently registered as occupied – in real time).

What you’ll see on cards on the new Android app’s Dashboard:

1. Upcoming project deliverables (managers only)
Displays 5 projects together with estimated delivery dates

2. Favorites
This card shows critical metrics regarding the user’s list of favorite projects

3. Tasks awaiting your approval
Lists the number of tasks that depend on user approval

4. Available people (managers only)
Shows employees who are not recording hours (“play” is not set to on) at the time the card is viewed – this feature works only within the work hours that are specified in the system

5. Weekly Metrics
Displays the hours logged by users, teams or by the entire company, depending on the level of permission (whether employee, leader, manager or executive)

6. RR-Rating
Shows the user’s RR-Rating, based on the account’s configuration in

7. Play the next task
A shortcut that lets the user to “play” the highest priority task on their to-do list. In addition to “play,” the card also allows the user to deliver tasks.

8. Today’s tasks
Lists the tasks that should be executed on that date.

9. Last comment or mention
Displays the most recent comment or mention directed at the user.

10. For-managers blog
Displays the last 10 articles published in the For-Managers blog (for users of the English or Spanish versions of the application)

Try downloading the app now and discover these exciting new features!


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