How to deal with anxiety

How to deal with anxiety at work in 5 steps

Because of overwork and lack of recognition, we suddenly find ourselves biting nails, almost in heart attack, sweating. Precisely in the workspace, how to deal with anxiety? It’s not that hard, believe me. I really hope that the manager who reads this post gets good lessons and convey to the team these advices:

1. Take up

Accept your negative thoughts. Don’t fight the madness. In the same way as your mind is extremely creative to make you worried, it heals you. Just interpret your absurd thoughts as a curiosity of your head, trying to see how far you can imagine. This exercise will kill your curiosity, and fade your anxiety away. Try this: repeat your worries to yourself, silently, for about 10 minutes, and they will become silly in the long-term, even tedious. You must bore what makes you upset, got it?


2. Prioritize

Rivalry with colleagues, frustration at targets not reached, inability to meet deadlines. Write down your negative thoughts. When writing them, you can separate what disturbs you from what’s important. Read the difference between the urgent and the important and come back to your notes.


3. Organize

Just as you should reserve a time to interpret reports, take a time to clear your mind. How about in the morning, when you plan your journey? This way, you devote all your energies to problems during a defined time and save more time for other tasks. After practicing, you’ll be able to identify those famous false alarms of anxiety that arise and pass instantly. And more than that, you’ll learn to enjoy your weekend. It can also be helpful if you tell how you feel to a colleague and ask for an advice. He/She may have good stories and even relaxation techniques to teach.


4. Lighten up

Let the air enter your body, while you count slowly to three. Hold the air in the lungs, always counting slowly to three. Then exhale slowly, taking 3 seconds. After expiration, keep airless and slowly count to three as well. Ready? Hear that song that put you up. You will remember what you have already won so far, what is now completes thanks to you. Give up trying to overpower. Check email at fixed times in the routine, delegate tasks. Try to innovate. Make a compliment, pay for a cup of coffee for your colleagues at lunch.


5. Exercise

Needless to say, playing a sport will calm you down. However you, like me, still procrastinate, right? If you remember sports make you excited, maybe you will works better. At the end, you will find out that knowing how to deal with anxiety at work is more than an exercise, as well as leadership and management, and you can learn it.


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