DISC Test: What kind of professional are you?

The DISC test assesses people behavior and is based on the theory developed at Harvard by the Psychologist Charles Moulton, creator of Wonder Woman. The test is called DISC because it states that there are 4 basic traits of people behavior: Dominance, Influence, Stability and Conformity. Remember that we may have more than one style. In fact, we usually have one or two styles that predominate – and none is better than other. Do the test and find out what kind of environment you fit better in, which task types you can be useful for, and how Runrun.it can increase your strengths.

Before you start, understand that your

  • Dominance refers to how you deal with problems and challenges;
  • Influence, how you deal with people and influence others;
  • Stability, how you deal with change;
  • Conformity, how you deal with rules set by others.

From the DISC Test to your day to day

So, now you know what is your personality trait most relevant. And it’s pretty useful for you to prevent frustrations, bad decisions and to explore your vocations. However, how to behave when almost every single kind of people work together, such as in your team? When it happens – and it probably happens – you need more organization on the workflow. Furthermore, if each one follows his own way to communicate, you should save time and energy, leaving e-mails and adopting a more modern media to chat and exchange tasks. And finally you need less meetings and bureaucratic work. How is it possible to have it all? Runrun.it. The team management software used by more than 150,000 companies in the world, able to enhance the harmony between the coworkers and increase their productivity in up to 25%. Are you interested? Try it for free now: http://runrun.it


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