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Task manager: Do you know how to use it? [Quiz]

Do you consider yourself more or less productive than the professionals you know? When organizing your tasks to-do today, this week or this month, do you use a task manager to define a priority order? But priority for you is what is urgent or what is important? If you are in doubt, take this Quiz! Only 10 questions and, in the end, you’ll get how organized and productive you actually are. After all, if you know how to use a task manager it means that you are more productive. That is, you can manage your time and divide it among the demands you receive. I will not give more spoilers. Take the quiz and share it with your coworkers. You can both be proud of the result as pause to reflect:


Whatever your outcome in that Quiz is, it’s worth to think about: would you like the rest of your team to be as productive as you? To close the manager to the staff, the great projects to the great results, there is Runrun.it. We are a team and task manager software recommended by 83% of our customers, who report an average increase of 25% in their productivity. Guess what that means. This translates into 1 extra day in your week. Have you ever thought about it? Try it free: http://runrun.it


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