Don’t just live your life, lead it!

Have you thought about it? Too often in the rush of day-to-day actions we forget our dreams and goals, and end-up driven by circumstances, decisions and conveniences of third parties.

Researcher H. James Wilson of Babson College – one of the most prestigious entrepreneurship schools in the world, names three reasons why it is better that you lead your life:

1) It is the only way to grow personally and professionally. It is the vision and intent of advancing to a higher level that prevents resignation in life. The purposeful search for knowledge is a prerequisite for growth.

2) You will inspire and become a model for others. The perception of your quest for improvement at all levels will be a concrete reference for others also evolve, creating a virtuous cycle in society.

3) You will open new fields of knowledge about yourself. Here the researcher points out something very new and radical: the use of technology as a tool for self-knowledge. He challenges: “Companies use your data to learn more about you. Have you thought about doing the same? ”

The researcher suggests a practice that could be dubbed ‘Self-Analytics’ and consists of the idea of ​​collecting personal data to generate analysis and knowledge about yourself. This point is particularly interesting to us because our product is centered on the concept of generating transparency about how people’s time is spent. It is often surprising to see that our talk about major goals of the organization holds no relation with the projects and tasks where time is actually spent. And this allows for deep reflection.

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