Strategic Management: 5 rules to (really) innovate


Do you consider important or strategic innovation in your company? If you answered yes, then it is considered alert and uptated with the ultimate in strategic management. However, it is important to remember that having innovation as focus or not say hit ever. Although we are all the time trying to minimize mistakes and reviewing our processes to reduce the risk of losses, innovation involves dealing with something new and therefore wrong. But to increase the chances of giving too sure, your business needs risk. Check out 5 tips to improve your ability to turn strategic management and innovation!

1.Explain  innovation processes

Do not just create a strategic management, it is necessary to develop programs and innovation systems. To actually function, we need to communicate the changes to reviewers. The important thing is that everyone, from different departments, know how to suggest new ideas for who should communicate and how the project approval.

2.Establish the concept of “Induced Innovation”

When the leader creates innovative challenges to the problems facing the company, it encourages its employees by improving their strategic management and creating a task force of new ideas. However, it is necessary to administer for this process no more than 20 days, but has just become a long-term project.

3. Reward innovation

Companies that have a clear policy of recognition of innovation processes are already one step ahead, because transform employees into potential transformers. The reward can come in several ways: travel, pillows or even remuneration. The important thing is to encourage employees to come up with ideas that add.

4. Have a management system

Measure the stages of an innovation project and its possible impact within the company is essential for it to succeed. And a modern working methods as a task management software can help the manager in the organization of it all. It shows real-time as each one is working, how much each is investing at each stage and how much is all this costing innovation. Then it is up to assess whether the efforts have brought results.

5. Create indicators to measure the efforts of innovation

Misrepresenting actions and actual results to reviewers. If the company can say that the project has generated profit, for example, it is already a good sign. And if you currently use traditional spreadsheets to calculate the cost of the projects and the time invested in them, you definitely deserve an online manager. Imagine know how much, in money and in time, their cost projects, monitor their progress in real time, know your estimated due date, all with a few clicks? You do not need to leave here looking for an online manager to use, present the Try Free:


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