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Employee Productivity X Email

I have never imagined e-mail – the primary mode of communication – could affect employee productivity. In the beginning of 2000’s, there wasn’t another digital way to connect people than e-mail. However, everything has changed. Peter Hughes, Cisco’s director of collaboration, has banned his staff from using e-mail to broadcast messages to a group of colleagues.

He also introduced rules and fines if any employee desrespect his command. Accordingo to him, it has reduced broadcast emails among his team by 95 per cent in a year. People have forgotten the right way to use e-mails. How much e-mails are sent by them, more unproductive they are. “Email has become abused. It’s causing a lack of productivity. The email thread [or] chain can go viral through an organisation but there are people who don’t need to be on the list,” Hughes said.

According to a 2012 report from consulting firm McKinsey, reading and answering emails constitute 28 per cent of an employee’s weekly work tasks – or more than 2 hours in a 8 hours time shift. The study says, by implementing social technologies, companies have the opportunity to raise the productivity by 20 to 25 percent.

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