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Employee Retention Ideas: How to Keep Your People After You Have Trained Them

There are a lot of ways to ensure that you keep employees with you after they are trained and you want to do so. Training takes time and money and if your employee turnover is high, then you’re wasting resources and your employees will always be new and learning the ropes. Employee retention creates workers that turn into leaders and make your business exponentially better.

Use background checks

It might seem impersonal or appear to your future employees that you don’t trust them but the extra time spent on this simple check can eliminate a lot of hassle for you as a manager or business owner. Employee retention will then get much easier.

Refresh your applications

Check your applications on a regular basis to ensure that the information that you ask for is relevant to the job descriptions that you offer.

Make job descriptions clear

When you do decide to hire an employee after an application and background check, have the new hire sign a job description so that you are both clear about what they are expected to do.

Train extensively

A little extra time and money during training can help you keep quality employees on your payroll for a longer period of time.

Provide software support

Some employees might be well suited to your business but they don’t know your exclusive work tools. Don’t hold this against them. Instead, provide seminars or classes where they can learn about your tools and become even better employees.

Encourage employee retention with positive reinforcement

When new employees start out, they want to know that they’re doing well. Use positive reinforcement to let them know that they are on the right track. You can do this with recognition “cards” that you post on a bulletin board or perhaps use employee reviews on a regular basis where their performance is assessed and be sure that there is a place on the form specifically for positive comments.

You also can use a social platform to recognize your employees. Runrun.it has a bulletin area and each project has a timeline, where you can make comments about collaborators or about the team. Besides, RR-Rating is a user’s productivity rate automatically generated by the system. You can reward your employees based on it.  Try Runrun.it for free: http://runrun.it

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