The Dashboard brings information rapidly to managers and their entire teams. You’ll never need to generate reports to access specific numbers anymore.
Over the last few days, we released a series of improvements to’s comments section
Working in conjunction with our development team, we have kept a record of all’s improvements, updates, and releases in 2017.
More than just a framework, the RR-Board® is a new way to work. Find out why you won’t be able to continue without using’s latest feature!
It often happens that a project has an extensive list of tasks that need to be completed before delivery. Mana ...
Through it, employees can easily access valuable information about their tasks, and the manager can quickly see the essential data
Base your decisions on accurate data. Now you can have an x-ray of your account and get only the data you are looking for. Test for free.
Upon accessing the reports area in, managers now have the ‘’General Task Control’’ report, which lis ...
The new feature for* Corporate Plan users will help in decision-making for managers of all types. Th ...
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