Effective Strategies for Job Sharing Success

Effective Strategies for Job Sharing Success

In today’s corporate world, employees are working longer hours than ever before. The amount of work continually piles up and solely the sheer amount of email never seems to end. Those who are too exhausted to spend 60 or more hours a week working at a desk without a break may like to hear about the potential benefits of job sharing.

Essentially, job sharing is the concept of two workers pairing together for a single job. This specific pairing consists of two individuals with similar backgrounds and skills. The concept of sharing one single job could be a great innovation for the future of the corporate world and work in general. This could benefit busy parents who are trying to juggle home and work life.

Additionally, this could be a great benefit for people of all types. You don’t need to have children in order to need extra time to rest and perform self-care. Some individuals may be childless but have aging parents who need to be looked after. The idea of job sharing can be a great boon for a wide variety of workers, especially with regard to improving the work-life balance.

Below, we discuss the problems associated with the current expectations in the corporate culture in order to discern why sharing a single job could be advantageous. Take a look:


The Problems with the Hustle Culture

In companies and environments where the hustle culture is admired, few people may see a problem. However, since this type of culture is becoming more normalized, workaholism is growing and more individuals are struggling with balancing a personal life at their job.

The hustle culture involves devoting as much of your day to working as possible. Yet, being incredibly busy and juggling a multitude of projects at the same time may lead to more mistakes and can even be dangerous within a work environment.

For example, how many times have you worked a 12-hour shift only to get in your car bleary-eyed and expected to drive while feeling sleepy? This type of workaholism can lead to more car accidents and general stress-related health issues.

Essentially, by working more hours and even getting promoted to higher positions has been shown to be correlated with anxiety, depression, and poor sleep quality. Essentially, working more hours is tied with worse mental health outcomes. Other physical ailments due to stress are also common among overworked individuals.


As such, it is vital to consider the future benefits of job sharing. Keep reading to learn about the advantages of splitting work between two employees.

The Many Advantages of Job Sharing

Clearly, being able to split your work between two employees and spend fewer hours in the office is the biggest advantage of job sharing programs. According to an article from Entrepreneur, employees often consider quality of life factors as major reasons to take part in a job share program. Life can be more enjoyable the more hours someone can spend on leisure.

In addition, some people have stated that the need to take care of their children or their aging parents as reasons why working part-time and sharing one job is preferable. Essentially, people are more able to balance their personal lives and needs if they work fewer hours in the office. Furthermore, people who have chronic health issues and stress-related mental health problems greatly benefit from a part-time work schedule.


Now that we understand the many advantages of job sharing, it is time to better understand how to successfully split a job into two among two employees.

Key Ways to Succeed at Splitting Up One Job

According to the Harvard Business Review, when taking part in job sharing, it is vital to find the right partner. Be sure to pick someone you can collaborate with and communicate effectively. Additionally, you need to be able to work with someone who you can disagree with in a respectful manner and talk things out without causing any friction.

Next, the two of you will need to figure out how to split up the work in a fair manner. You could figure out who is responsible for certain tasks, which is known as the “job split” or the “islands model.” Essentially, the “job split” is when work is divided up with a clear division of responsibilities along with key performance indicators to show how productive and effective each worker is at their particular responsibilities.

In this case, people analytics, which involves human resource departments and managers assessing data in order to make sound business decisions, can be used to boost team performance. This can help managers determine performance with the use of key performance indicators among their workforce.

It is also key to communicate effectively if you want to succeed at sharing a job between two people. It is preferable to communicate in person, but you can also be sure to let the other person know key details through email, Skype, or over the phone. Be sure to check in to find out how each other’s work priorities are moving along and cover any issues or discuss key job responsibilities.

“For job-sharing to work well, both parties must zealously convey and seek information from the other,” Stew Friedman, a professor of management at the Wharton School, told the news source. “Think ‘mind meld.’”


Next, it is vital to cover a few more methods for sharing a job among two workers.

Two More Methods for Sharing a Job Between Multiple Workers

Along with the “job split” scenario, a job share program can consist of a process called “senior plus junior.” In this case, an employee with a more senior role is placed with a junior candidate in a vertical share. This match will involve the two parties sharing the work and the targets together across a week.

One example of such a job share comes from an article discussing how there are two vice-chancellors for research and innovation at the University of Reading. Professor Dominik Zaum is professor of governance, conflict and security while Professor Parveen Yaqoob heads the School of Chemistry, Food and Pharmacy.

This shows how one of the educators has a more senior role while the other holds a more junior role. These professors are happy to take on a job share program since this allows them to also focus their efforts on their research as well as have more time to raise their children.

Another method for how to share a job between two individuals is called the unicorn pair. Essentially, this means that two employees have complementary yet different skill sets who work together to accomplish complex tasks. Additionally, these skill sets are usually scarce in their relevant industries.


To boost job sharing, one company has created an online portal called Puffling to connect part-time workers who are interested in splitting a single job. Below we discuss the way this portal connects employees.

Puffling Matches Employees to Share a Single Job

Puffling was created to help mothers find another job share partner and connect these women to an agency that will provide them with a job and income. Women first leave their contact information through the website and are then contacted after matching them with their ideal job share partner.

Next, the two women are advised to meet with each other to see if they click in terms of splitting up work. If the two women get along, they are then signed up for a job interview together. This process is meant to help companies reduce recruitment fees and hire more qualified candidates.


It is also important to discuss how managers can help their employees work together whether on a team or through a job share program.

Advice for Managers to Streamline Workflow and Boost Engagement

In the midst of job shares and employees working on the same project within a team, it becomes essential for supervisors to handle workflow management. There are key strategies that managers will need to keep in mind in order to better handle their team’s workflow. These strategies include:

  • Using technology to boost collaboration among team members.
  • Assessing and reviewing every program at your place of business.
  • Assigning and delegating tasks among team members as well as defining the goals of each project.
  • Employing workflow tools as well as cloud software to receive notifications in real-time.
  • Eliminating manual processes by implementing workflow automation.

Lastly, to help employees share the workload more effectively, it is important to incorporate employee engagement principles at your company. In order to boost employee engagement, be sure to focus on the leadership at your company to ensure that workers are satisfied with their boss.


In addition, gathering feedback from employees is essential in order to boost productivity and engagement. Technology also plays a key role in boosting employee engagement by decreasing manual processes and boosting collaboration across a team.

How Runrun.it Software Improves Workflow Management in Job Shares

You will find that project management software such as the Runrun.it platform can be used as an excellent collaboration tool especially among employees taking part in job sharing. You’ll be able to quickly and easily communicate as well as share documents through this project management software.

Additionally, your team will remain motivated and engaged when utilizing Runrun.it software to complete their projects. The communication among team members will be more transparent with the use of the Runrun.it tool while the workflow will be more streamlined and have fewer bottlenecks. Try out to find out if Runrun.it software is right for your company.

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