New Projects page on

New Projects page on

We released today a very important feature for managers to follow their projects on the new Projects page. The benefits that the new page brings to our customers are the follow up in real time and information access in a faster and more centralized way.

If you click on “Projects” button on menu, you will see a list of your clients and the projects of them. Beside each project there is a bar that indicates the percentage of: completed tasks (green), tasks in development (yellow) and pending tasks (gray). To see more details of the project, click on its name.


The users involved (image below) in the project. Beside, the date the project has started and the estimated delivery date for the last task of this project. You can also edit the project’s costs, adding new ones.

This page shows two charts: the number of completed tasks (green), tasks in development (yellow) and pending tasks (gray), like on the previous page. On the mouse over, you can see these tasks divided by its types. The second chart shows the time invested on completed tasks (green), on worked tasks, but not completed (yellow), and the estimated time of pending tasks.


Below, you can see three tabs, with a task list divided by completed, in development and pending.

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