[Quiz] 6 leadership styles: which one is yours?

[Quiz] 6 leadership styles: which one is yours?

Which leadership styles do you know? I’m pretty sure that you know an authoritarian leader, a more pacesetting one, and other almost maternal. Noticing the style of the others is easier than understand our own style, though. Therefore, I’ve prepared a super-simple quiz: only 7 questions for you to find out yours. Good to remember that the result doesn’t necessarily mean that what kind of leader you are, but among 6 leadership styles, which one you have been with your team. Share with your friends, your coworkers and check out if you are similar leaders or have a lot to learn from each other.

You can choose more than one answer if you are unsure.


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  1. Hi, is it possible to get the questions and scoring method for this one so that I can have my high school students answer this test on paper?

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