Stanfor University’s Technology Entrepreneurship course

Stanfor University’s Technology Entrepreneurship course

If you are a manager, seeking to turn a good idea into a profitable business opportunity, then the Stanford University haves just the perfect oportunity for you. Through its Venture Lab, the institution provides, for free and online, the course of Technology Entrepreneurship.

The activity has the goal of teaching participants to articulate a process for taking a technology idea and finding a high-potential commercial oportunity. It will also be taught how to create and verify a plan os gathering resources, such as talent and capital, and a business model of how to sell and market an entrepreneurial idea.

It is expected that the course take a workload of ten hours a week. Chuck Eesley will be in charge. He is Assistant Professor at Stanford University, in the Department of Management Science and Engineering.

You can find other opportunities for professional growth at Venture Lab website. Click here.


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