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Financial management: How to make it easy in 12 GIFs

How much of your company’s budget is being spent on each project for each client of yours? Should you despair or can you breathe relieved? Which tasks is your team devoting their time? Is it worth? All these dilemmas are part of the everyday life of who does the financial management of a company. Unfortunately, many finance managers have a much busier life than they needed to have, because they lack a right arm. If this is your case, if you care to build a sustainable business that creates value for its shareholders and provides assurrance to the team, keep reading. For each problem you face, we give you a solution.

Problem 1: How much does this project actually cost?

The project budget is done. You are sure that’s enough. But when the end of the month comes… Puff!

And a customer calls, asking for the delivery date.

The heart bursts inside of customer service people bursts.

And you still haven’t got a clue on what has happened to all of the budgeted investment.

None of that should happen. gives you an automatic cost report.

cost management

Just select a client and project and you will be able to compare budgeted and calculated costs, as well as worked and budgeted hours. In addition, you can still view the list of tasks of each employee involved in the project. Thus, you transform this data into valuable information, make your assessments and decisions with a secure mindset. Now you can track how far you can achieve your goals and justify spending cuts or new investments with specific data automatically gathered and estimated by

And you can finally look at your old problems and say

Problem 2: Why doesn’t my team fill the timesheet?

You may hate to admit it, but you don’t trust on timesheets.

After all, with so many demands, who would remember to include the time he/she worked?

And once again you find yourself wondering why a project’s costed what it costed.

But functions as an automatic timesheet and this makes your life easier.

cost management

To start working on a task, click “play” and the time is now counted. If you need to leave or rest, just click “pause”. At lunchtime, before and after office hours, the count pauses automatically. But you can always add time worked by hand. With that technology, professionals can know whether they are on time and on the effort estimated for the task or need to hurry up. And since each professional tracks his own performance, managers can finally focus on thinking about new strategies.

Problem 3: What everyone is doing?

You are there at your desk doing your job when this doubt comes: what’s my team working on?

But you shouldn’t just come ask and interrupt their work.

That’s why has created the Team dashboard.

financial management




It tracks the work of everyone in the company and displays the task they are doing beyond the estimated delivery date and each team’s productivity index. Managers and employees will save time because it’s no longer needed to call any follow-up meeting or to exchange e-mails. And the relationship between people becomes much more based on transparency, after all, nobody has anything to hide when everybody’s success is at stake.

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