cinco dicas de gestão de tempo

Five hints of time management

Piles of unfinished tasks, big loads of overtime work, lack of time for activities outside your company. All of this problems are very common, and can generate a huge stress, wich will affect your productivity. Through a proper time management plan, you can avoid this trap, increasing the effectiveness of your work, and even your quality of life. By the interview of the founder and CEO of time coaching companny, Real Life E, Elizabeth Grace Saunders, to Harvard Business Review, we established five steps that will make easier to create a schedule for the best usage of your time.

1) Be realistic

No matter how much you want, a day won’t have more than 24 hours, nor a week will last longer than seven days. The first step to an effective time management plan is to accept reality and work within your capacity.

2) Do not over-allocate time to your work.

We all have a production capacity. Our body is meant to work productively for a certain period of time. Exceeding our limit, we just aren’t effective. There is a reason why we work around 40 hours a week.

3) Establish a routine

With a well-established routine it will be easier for you to do activities besides work, that are important for your health. This may become a crucial factor to avoid stress, keeping your work more productive.

4) Be prepared for the unexpected

A good time management goes beyond establishing your routine. This is important, but it will take a while for you to really be able to change your habits. The unpredictable can always happen, so you have to know what is really important and avoid stress, acting by anticipation.

5) Have a nice vacation planning

Sometimes, taking a vacations doen’t worth. The days before can be stressful, and once you return, is even worse. To avoid this, the perfect scenario would be to shut down the companny, so all the employees get their hollydays together. However, not all organizations can afford it. So it is important that a few days before the recess, you start to slow down your pace. Do not start any new tasks or plan any meetings. Just focus on finishing what still needs to be completed and in the most urgent cases that may arise. When you return to your routine, take the first few days just to catch up.

You can make your planning easier and more effective with Through our system you can organize and prioritize the tasks of your companny, making it easier to establish the most important activities, so your employees can reach their full potential, by working on what really matters.

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five hints of time management

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