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Free software (or almost) to use at work

Your team will always need more than your resources. And “more” means a lot of things: storage to share documents, photo editor software, task management system… It would be wonderful if all that didn’t cost too much. Better: costs nothing! Try this free software list (or almost) at your work, with your team or the entire organization. 

Xobni organizes your contacts and email

It makes your inbox and address book smarter, searching and discovering all your contacts. Xobni, Smartr Inbox, and Smartr Contacts find all the people who you exchanged emails with, calls, or SMS messages. They provide a view of each contact, with photo, job title, company details, and email history — informations from Facebook and Twitter.

Dropbox to send large documents

Do you need to send a high solution image, and it doesn’t “fit” on email? Do you want to keep a web-based folder with reports produced by your team? You can do that via Dropbox. Wherever you are, you can get to it from your computers, phones, or tablets. Edit docs, automatically add photos, and show off videos from anywhere. Dropbox is free until 2 GB storage.

Paint.NET to edit photos

It is free image and photo-editing software for PCs that run Windows. This software has almost all tools from Photoshop, but it’s free.

Apache OpenOffice: don’t spend money with Office

Word, Excel and PowerPoint are used in several companies, but their licence is expensive, especially if the team is large. To avoid legal problems, use Apache OpenOffice to write documents, create spreadsheets, presentations, and dynamic 3D illustrations. This is a free software.

Pipedrive for small teams

Pipedrive is made for small sales teams. You’ll have an overview of your sales pipeline, and know the sales results of all team members, as well as activity metrics like number of calls made and pitches done. It works with Android and iPhone. It costs US$ 9 per user per month after 30 days trial.

Xero costs zero

It is an accounting software connected to your bank accounts, with your customers, and to ad-on apps. Create and send professional invoices & get paid online. Manage cash flow by scheduling bill payments and sending invoices automatically. Plans from US$ 20 per month. organizes your team, your tasks an your time is a tool that helps companies coordinate the flow of tasks, setting priorities and organizing them by clients and projects. It’s simple. Create tasks, delegate who can do what and track their progress online. You can reprioritize tasks effortlessly. Click and drag. All those involved are notified and everything is formalized on the task’s timeline. Free trial.

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