Get to know is the ideal tool for collaboration in your workplace. It helps managers of all types of companies to increase the productivity of their teams through greater control over Tasks, Time and Performance management. Learn how:

Task Management

Define who can open tasks for whom, create tasks for your team, prioritize what needs to be done, monitor and collaborate in the execution of tasks and know when deliveries actually happen. You will keep your team aligned, eliminate unofficial tasks and have a realistic view about dates and deliverables. And all of that with less time being wasted sifting through emails and having alignment meetings.

Time Management

Just click “Work” on a task and let automatically calculate the time spent per task, project and client. There is also an automatic Timesheet, which can be manually adjusted if necessary. With it, you will have much more quality in decision making, with less operational work for you and your team.

Performance Management

For each person, we calculate the RR Rating® – which considers how many tasks were delivered, if the deadline has been met, if the task had to be reopened after delivery, among other metrics. Rating this will help you to objectively identify who makes the difference in your team, even if you do not have a formal system of individual targets implemented in your company.

Besides, also takes care of your projects’ confidentiality. You can make areas, projects and tasks visible for some people and not visible to others. So you can include areas such as Human Resources, Finances, Sales and others into the system, with no problems.

Like thousands of other companies, get to know


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