Get what you want, without being pushy

The partnership between U.C.L.A. teachers of the Neuropsychiatry and Organizational Development departments resulted in a book based on interviews with 100 people who ‘get what they want’. From there, four essential steps for those who want to influence people were mapped:

1) Go beyond just setting goals. Make the person understand what is important and they will seek it for themselves.

2) Become a better listener. You can listen denying, defending yourself, analyzing or connecting with the person. And that makes all the difference.

3) Understand the person‘s context, both culturally as situationally.

4) Do more. Make the most of every interaction, doing more than what would be just enough. This echoes and makes the person want to do more as well, creating a virtuous cycle.

The book ‘Real Influence’ by Mark Goulston, MD and John Ullmen, Ph.D (Amacon Publishing, 272 pages) is now available on


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