Go beyond the interpersonal leadership

There is an ideia that the interpersonal leadership is the best way for managers to control an organization. That generates an expectation that a leader should dialogue with his followers, or at least be close to them. However, it could be hard, since the activities of a company can be located in different places. Thus, the leadership currently must consist both in facilitating strategies, as such as hiring and training, the proper technology and focus on tasks and goals, as in interpersonal relationships.

The skills in interpersonal relationships should not be overlooked, but a leader needs many qualities beyond that. Harvard Business Review has an article about interpersonal leadership, supporting the idea that clear tasks, meaningful goals and well-established technologies should complement the interpersonal leadership.

Despite the relevance of the interpersonal skills, in various situations, in some cases it is not necessary. Employees who can model the vision of an organization can replace the formal model of leadership.

Because of the technologies available nowadays, work is bocoming more virtual and global. Substitors to the interpersonal relationships are becoming powerfull tools. Great leaders need know how to use those tools, to maintain their presence, even when they are not ther.

Runrun.it is a software that manage teams and tasks. It can help in the composition of the workflow in your company. Using this system, you can control the activities of your business in a more efficient, simple and direct way, getting reports that will indicate if the productivity of your organization is satisfactory. It can also assist in the definition of a plan to improve it. The tool will make easier to organize and prioritize tasks, which will enable each person to work on what really matters for the company, and reach their true potential.

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