Great Leaders of Today

Great Leaders of Today

This post is based on a text from 17 years ago, about the changes executives would figure to become future leaders – of great leaders of today. It’s an abstract of a book, “The Will to Lead” (Marvin Bower), where the author urges senior managers to abandon command-and-control structures and adopt a program to develop leaders, starting with themselves.

According to the author, “I believe that the old command system must be replaced. Fixing it is not good enough. My view is that authority should be replaced by leadership.” You can see here a list of qualities and attributes for the past managers to become new ones. You also can read this post, about our present vision about the leader of 2030.

“The hierarchy of bosses organized into ranks, with each superior exercising authority over subordinates who do exactly what their boss wants, has long been the dominant form of corporate organization. But recognizing that they are handicapped by their current systems, many companies are now questioning the way they manage themselves.”

What great leaders of today are:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Fairness
  • Unassuming behavior
  • Leaders listen
  • A leader is open-minded
  • Sensitivity to people
  • Sensitivity to situations
  • Initiative, initiative, initiative
  • Good judgment
  • Broad-mindedness
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • The capacity to make sound and timely decisions
  • The capacity to motivate
  • A sense of urgency

If you wanto to be a leader, you must try new ways to work. Try for free:

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