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5 great office organization tips

How much disorganization costs to you? If you really knew, you’d reconsider organize your office. Rearranging and moving piles occasionally doesn’t count. A relatively neat and orderly office space clears the way for higher productivity and less wasted time. Check these 5 office organization tips:

1. Purge your office

Everything you haven’t used in months or can’t think of when you’ll need it, discard. This goes for furniture, equipment, documents, etc.

2. Label everything

Take the time to label all your documents and folfers. Not only will it remind you where things go, but it will also help others who may have a need to find.

3. Create a Waiting List

It must hold important tasks, that will be decided or done later. This list should be just on your view, and frequently checked. Once a task become priority, you will remember to run it.

4. Manage Your Time

Use a planner to track all your tasks. Allocate more time than you think it will take for each one – to deal with challenges and bad events.

5. Make your company success stories

At the end of each project or event, organize paperwork and file or store it.

Cloud-based office organization tips

These office organization tips can be used online, with web applications. is a program that helps control tasks, time, and productivity for one or more teams within your company. You can add all the tasks you and your team is supposed to work, and group them in projects and clilents. So, you make automatic labels. Tasks can easily be prioritized – the less importants go to the “Waiting List”. Each task has a timeline, where communication with other colleagues happens – comments, doubts, decisions and assets. You can put all these data togheter to build success stories.

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