Motivation at Work: Copy the habits of productive people

Did you know that the first 15 minutes of your workday define the rest of the rhythm of your day? That is, if you ever get confused with the day their (many) tasks, will hardly be able to cope with the challenges that arise throughout the day without affecting productivity and motivation at work.

Therefore, we list eight habits that productive people do in their first 15 minutes of the day for you to inspire and be productive for others many minutes later:

1. Try to establish a routine

According to an article by Lifehack, productive people know the importance of work early. Therefore, instead of running for the job, leave home early and go to the office quietly. So you do not run the risk of stressing about traffic or with other unforeseen that may arise along the way. Set a relaxed pace from the start is essential to be ready to produce with motivation at work.

2. Do not do everything at once

People who are bombarded by several information flows can not watch and perform tasks with the same quality as those that perform a task at a time, ie focusing. The “multitasking” frequently performed worse throughout the day because they have more difficulty organizing their thoughts and filter out irrelevant information. The truth is that, when trying to do two things at once, your brain is not able to perform both tasks with the same success.

3. Plan up

Review your list of tasks early in the day to draw mental strategies of how to perform them. Productive people are disappointed if they plan more work than they can accomplish in the day. So, identify the three most important and plan themselves.

4. Place your phone in silent mode

None of your co-workers are required to live with scandalous ring tones or the annoying sound of keys while you exchange messages. That sort of thing disconcentrates any of his work, including you. So, upon arriving at the office, put your phone on silent or vibrate mode.

5. Prioritize tasks

Everything is urgent. But there are more urgent things than others – and it can not only be putting out fire. The important thing today can become tomorrow urgent. So why not run the important on the date planned for it? Who is productive really know detects that the fires are hindering their performance, and is willing to ignore or delegate the things that stand in your way.

6. Breathe and relax

According to an interview by Oprah Winfrey, breathe deeply provides oxygen to the brain. It makes you think more clearly and allows you to be calmer. Successful professionals such as Oprah Winfrey and Arianna Huffington, do this kind of relaxation in the morning and guarantee find more motivation to work throughout the day.

7. Give space to your co-workers

Productive people do not speak with his colleagues on labor issues in the first part of the morning. Curious, right? Respect the time of others is to know your colleagues, and you also need time to prepare for your long day of productive work.

8. Put technology to your advantage

Productive people do not allow the email to be a constant interruption, so no need to check it all the time. Right? You can eliminate the task of receiving and sending demands for your team via email to implement a management software. With an online manager, as, other bureaucratic activities such as completing timesheets, are eliminated and their employees will have more time to do what matters, as I said in item 5.

Combining a modern methodology of work with technology, you can replace the clutter by an online project management tool that also brings other benefits, check here. Free Trial:


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