Have an efficient communication in your company

To achieve real success, a company need effective communication. Integrating the different sectors of an organization, will make the work becomes fluid and efficient. By doing so, it becomes much easier to understand when a problem arises, and the attitudes needed to solve it.

A lot of problems rise becouse of a bad communication. A leader must promote interactivity and debate among the company employees. To achieve that, this leader will need to keep a closer connection with employees of all the levels. It is also important to address the conversations in an honest and authentic way, especially when they are about delicate situations.

Another key factor for success is to let people participate in the whole process of interaction. Only then you will be able to create a positive engagement by the members of your organization.

Runrun.it can help you to establish a direct flow of communication between employees. Our tool will develop the workflow, setting priorities within the company, and organizing tasks and teams. Access runrun.it and try it for free.

For more information about how communication can be vital to success, read the original article, from Harvard Business Review.



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