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Task organizer: how it can save your year

The year is ending and the same talks are just starting: “Next year will be different.” And here comes a list of promises, personal and professional, without even a trace of planning. Real projects do not work likewise, though. Each item must be well aligned and explained to all involved. And since only ambition and inspiration do not sustain a goal, you need method. A task organizer is this method, which, in addition to structuring your life, it also helps you save time and money. It is a way to perform tasks and manage with intelligence. Check out four savings you can do with this tool created to save your life in 2015:


1. Less emails

Your problem: “I need a task, I’ll send an e-mail. If I remember some detail, I send another email or SMS.”
2015 of dreams: A task organizer allows you to send demands to a responsible or even a sequence of responsibles without even one email sent. In addition, you can display tasks that have priority to be performed first. They are listed in order of importance and can be shared with others who can comment and also attach files to them. All filed there, no need to fill your mailbox.


2. Real-time control

Your problem: “What’s the progress of the project? I’m lost! We must have a meeting now. But are the involved too busy?”
2015 of dreams: A task organizer also offers you real deadlines for delivery of projects. And even if some stage late, it recalculates automatically. You’ll never have to do this count again. You can also monitor all tasks in real time, see the percentage already completed and how many days still miss. Within minutes, you identify bottlenecks to cut off, talents to reward and know how much to charge the customer, according to the hours worked.


3. Data repository

Your problem: “Here I go again, seeking for a file among millions of folders and emails.”
2015 of dreams: The task organizer will keep your customers, projects and tasks safe, including files related to them. Find files won’t be a martyrdom, it will become routine. Both when someone needs that old document or if the customer calls and asks for urgent info. Did someone enjoy the team? He/she will quickly learn what’s happening, once all is filed.


4. Automatic reports

Your problem: “I’ll take the whole day to build these spreadsheets. When will I have time to analyze them?”
2015 of dreams:With three or four clicks, a good task organizer produces reports of costs and time invested in each project and documents with important data about resources allocated and deadlines. It also replaces the old timesheet, by taking responsibility for a very important but exhausting activity for the manager. Imagine how much time and money you save with all this automation?


When speaking about a task organizer, I mean advanced management tools such as Runrun.it. It is the first software with several automatic management reports and offers up to 25% more productivity for the teams. Try it for free: http://runrun.it


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