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How much you will pay for a management software

This post was born out of a collective nuisance: we realized that many entrepreneurs do desire to advance their businesses by automating bureaucratic processes with a management software. However, unfortunately, they seem to believe that these tools are expensive and complex to be used by many people. For lack of knowledge, they end up considering this automation dispensable, what has been a waste of money and productivity. To these entrepreneurs and managers we bring good news: here are 7 types of management software, all Cloud hosted and, more than secure and intuitive, are much cheaper than you think. Check out:


1. Content Marketing Management: HubSpot

To create content (e.g., blog posts, eBooks, videos that answers questions your prospects are asking), to optimize it for search engines and share it on social media.
Free for 30 days.
Plans from $ 200 for 3000 site visits per month.

2. Research management: SurveyMonkey

To compose online questionnaires with various types of questions. You can also pick up the questions from the tool’s library.
Free for up to 10 questions.
Plans from $ 24 to 1,000 responses per month.

3. Mailing management: MailChimp

To send newsletters content, offers or invitations, many with good viewing on smartphones. Suitable for sending emails to your customer base and potential customers.
Free for up to 12,000 newsletters and 2,000 emails.
Plans from $ 10, unlimited newsletters for up to 500 e-mails per month.

4. Sharing management: Dropbox

To upload how many videos, photos and documents as needed, the software is useful for keeping a centralized file management, history of versions and audit trails. Available for iOS, Mac, Android and PC.
Free for up to 5 users.
Plan: $ 15 / user, at least 5 users, 1 Tb / user per month.

5. Customer management (CRM): Pipedrive

To have a control of customers and potential customers, the system provides an overview of the sales funnel and generates reports.
Free for 30 days.
Plan: $ 12 / user

6. Project management: Clarizen

To make the project management collaborative. Suitable for designers, which can easily attach CAD drawings to projects. Furthermore, the reports come by email.
Free for 30 days.
Plans from $ 29.95 / user

7. Team management:

To transform the demands of a team into a list of tasks organized by priority order, to know exactly when each one will be delivered. You can also set permissions for delegating and receiving tasks, attach files to them and get productivity and project performance reports.
Free trial.
Plans from $ 9.50 / user, 40Gb of storage


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