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How not to use a task manager

Whether because a colleague used and recommended to you a task manager, or because you heard about it in the news, or because you has already used and liked it, it seems that now you want to adopt one. I admire your will for innovation and your willingness to be more organized and productive. First of all, pay attention to three mistakes that some managers make when using the tool. You, however, do not need to make them:


Not to realize why you need the task manager to

In short, the task manager will work to increase the productivity of your team. Is that what your company needs? If you do not understand how it works, you will lose time and money with it. On the other hand, if you use it properly and guide your employees to do the same, you will obtain important management data to make important decisions. Not to mention that the task manager keeps a history of tasks, preserving the intellectual capital of the company, and make priorities clearer for team to work focused. So you can expect the task manager to be the right hand of the manager, but I would not advice you…


To expect the task manager to replace the manager

You still make the decisions. You will still be responsible for leading your team. The difference is that every agreement will be saved in the system to be, if necessary, renegotiated, but never forgotten. The task manager also deletes informal leaders and help in the management, estimating the delivery date of each project. In addition, the data inputted in the system will help you in the performance evaluation of your team. But I repeat: it will never replace your responsibility to manage your employees. Finally, the last mistake you should not make is…


To use the task manager to watch and punish

The task manager allows to see what people are working on, on real time. However, this is not Big Brother: nobody wants or should be watched. On the contrary, your employees should have responsibilities, which is one of the best motivation boosters at work. This precise control exists for you to guide people when noticing exceeded delays, to provide management reports, and to identify bottlenecks that also cause delay in the delivery of tasks. In the end, using a task manager will increase the team’s productivity so that you will have more time to think about strategic actions for the company. Now home is neat, you can open the doors to the future.


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