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Task management: how it helps you save time

Do you have the feeling that you work harder than the past? A ManpowerGroup 2013 study brought numbers to prove it. When 325 Americans employers were surveyed, 67% said their employees have stayed in office longer than they were five years ago. The question that remains is: do we have more work or we are managing our time worse? From my part, I believe in the sum of the two. Lack of clarity in planning and setting up targets and confused briefings. Excessive emails, interruptions, unproductive meetings and centralization. Our productivity can’t keep falling! Learn how to enhance your task management to turn your working hours into a sequence of attainments:

1. Workflow

Cut off: the eternal question about the priority of tasks and indiscriminate work requests among employees.

Adopt: a system with a list of tasks, which offers an immediate view of the priorities and the delivery date. You can still use layers of permission by which the manager allows who can delegate tasks to whom, according to the actual need, without isolating the different areas of the company.


2. Archives and decisions

Cut off: a stack of e-mails just to explain what should be done with each new change; tiresome meetings to try to figure out when everything will be delivered, or what was decided; the disappearance of important documents amid so many folders.

Adopt: an online tool for everything that’s related to the task be within the task, not away in emails and folders. Thus, the task management keeps a secure repository of every negotiation and each shared file. At the time of making decisions and providing the data the customer requested, you rely on facts, not suspicions, and you find things a lot quicker.


3. Management reports

Cut off: that anxiety to get to the numbers, by combining thousand spreadsheets to build a new one and, in the end, see unsatisfactory results.

Adopt: automated reports generated with a few clicks by a task management tool. Costs, dedicated time and stock status, for example, may be subjects of these reports. Thus, you save time to interpret the data and be able to know and value the work of those who deserve it.


Runrun.it is an online task management and works by list of tasks, as you read in this post. A data repository is also available. Furthermore, our reports are our specialty and our tool provides all you need. Try it on for free and discover that the productivity of your company can increase about 25%. http://runrun.it


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