how to be more productive

How to Be More Productive

Productivity in the workplace has constant room for improvement. When new people come in, there is often a drop in productivity as they are trained. Seasoned employees can make up for that gap if you instruct them about how to be productive with some simple encouragement and positive reinforcement.

Get your training program in order

One way to ensure that your new employees know how to be productive is to keep your training programs in good working order. Monitor trainers closely and provide surveys for new employees to find out about their experience. This will help you learn ways to better your training programs and make them more efficient.

Give seasoned employees materials for them to learn how to be more productive

Provide seminars, programs within your software, and even print materials that can teach the more senior employees about how to be more productive and how to teach their trainees to do the same. Update these materials on a regular basis to coincide with updates in practices and software to ensure that your trainers and trainees have what they need to be the most productive that they can be.

Recognize exceptional employees

When employees do well to follow (or even take the initiative to improve) your instructions about how to be successful, recognize them positively among the other employees. This positive reinforcement will encourage the other employees to follow suit and take their own initiative.

Exercise strict follow through

Employees that slow down productivity should be disciplined. If you provide them with the tools they need to learn how to be more productive and they don’t follow your instructions, they need to know that there are consequences. In order to create productive employees, you need to have exceptional trainers. So, even your seasoned employees must be held to the highest standards of productivity.

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