Human resources

Human resources: Test of the four temperaments

Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy or Phlegmatic? According to the Humorism, one of these moods prevails in your personality. Nowadays, the assumption is that, if you know which one, you can improve your emotional intelligence. This is what proposes the DISC test too (take it here). Now, let’s go to the test of four temperaments! Check out how you tend to behave at work, which are your greatest vocations, and receive a feedback adopted by many human resources departments:

A major challenge for a company is to integrate different people who, sooner or later, will work on the same project. For this, there are human resource professionals. But when the company’s work methodology is obsolete, the reconciliation between people is only palliative. So, meet, the team management software able to organize all your workflow and still increase your productivity by up to 25%. Try it for free:


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